Anidata has disolved and no longer exists. This website exists for historical reasons

The mission of Anidata was to provide mentorship for data science professionals through projects that benefit the surrounding community. We apply active, practical, and data-related technical expertise to produce software products that affect positive change, giving preference to endeavors that improve the lives of those in the margins of society.

About Us

Anidata was born from a demand for data science mentorship in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a collaborative group of aspiring and experienced data scientists of all types working together on projects to improve the local and surrounding communities. To this end, we are motivated by two principles:

  1. We each have a duty to make sure those who come after us become better professionals faster than we did.
  2. When entering a community, we should do something to leave it better than how it was found.
By partnering junior and senior data scientists on meaningful community projects, Anidata strives to live up to these principles.

Why the name 'Anidata'?

'Anidata' was selected from a list of human-sounding names generated by a recurrent neural network in a project by Stanford researcher Andrej Karpathy. The idea that a computer can produce a novel name that sounds human reflects Anidata's focus on using the most advanced data science while never forgetting the human element.

Our Members

Anidata consists of data scientists, product managers, engineers, programmers, scientists, teachers, students, and many more. We are united by our commitment to mentor aspiring data scientists and engineers by making a positive impact on our communities. We are led by the following dedicated individuals:

Board of Directors

Board Chairperson
Vincent Emanuelle II, Ph.D.
Bob Baxley, Ph.D.

Dan Robertson


Executive Director

Blake Fleischer, Ph.D.
Manager of Educational Programming

Bryant Menn
Manager of Operations and Development

Ann Vu
Website Lead

John Pearson, Ph.D.