Anidata's April Meetup

Apr 18, 2017

Our April Meetup featured a talk from John Keltz. John was previously the Director of Research and Evaluation at Atlanta Public Schools. He first spoke about his life as a data scientist and how he got into the field. In particular, John spoke about a key part of his work with APS, creating meaningful interactive modules using Tableau - many of which are displayed on the APS Data Blog. For anyone new to Tableau, he gave advice on how to get started and how he went about creating some of his favorite visualizations from his blog. Afterwards, John pitched a project idea that could give parents better access to school information and school choice.

In the second half of our time, we heard Bryant Menn’s update about the current status of the Anti-Human Trafficking Project. Then, he and other Anidata members helped anyone interested get started contributing to the project.